About Integrative Medicine - The Midway Center


Assessment – important tests include hormones, vitamin & mineral levels, food hypersensitivities, and comprehensive thyroid evaluation and heavy metal levels

Interventions – an overwhelming number of options support brain healing and balancing

Brain fog – by 40 most identify with this term. Many interventions may help speed thought processes and often improve memory.

Children’s brain – resiliency assists responses that can be slight or dramatic, whether dealing with ADHD, autism, dyslexia or cognitive impairment

Anxiety – hormonal imbalances are the primary cause but hormones are usually unnecessary to achieve return to normalcy

Mild Cognitive Impairment – almost complete reversal of symptoms is often achievable

Parkinson’s – many factors play a role, and the more that are addressed, the better the odds of a good response; dramatic responses have been achieved in younger patients

Alzheimer’s Dementia – in early and sometimes moderate Alzheimer’s where compliance is achievable, we have had some pleasing results; when advanced, non-pharmacologic support can produce peacefulness and improve response

Depression – this is a symptom, not a diagnosis, with many underlying etiologies which when appropriately addressed can usually result in excellent control and often resolution

Mental disorders – one or two visits may be worthwhile to explore nutrient interventions that may have very stabilizing effects



Maintain optimal energy.
Let us teach you optimal nutrition, lifestyle, and supplementation that can allow you to feel motivated, energetic, and focused. Borrowing on the advice of the best national nutritionists and extensive research, we guide you down healing nutritional pathways. Having attended two of the highly respected “Nutrition and Health” conferences guided by Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona and from the insights of Donald Yance, we give you the best nutritional information available. Understanding the best ways to utilize adaptogens, attain mitochondrial support, and achieve optimal nutrient levels interplay to support peak biologic health. Understanding the role of mind and spirit in vitality is important.