1) ALS appears to be mostly end-stage Lyme disease, and can be stabilized or reversed (ALS is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
2) A new support protocol for Lyme is very promising
3) Neuropathy is reversible with THOR low level laser therapy including Bell’s Palsy and peripheral neuropathy
4) Acute macular degeneration is partially reversible with Thor low level laser; up to 4 lines of improvement on the eye chart with low level laser
5) CARDIO VIP is the best cardiovascular, diabetes, and overall health blood assessment – it is available for those with risk factors with copay
6) Genetic assessment with personalized integrative health treatment is essential for optimal health. Critical common gene mutations involve COMT, CBS, and MTHFR.
7) Quality Boswellia/frankinsence is a botanical that we recommend nearly always for brain, allergy, anti-inflammatory, heart, and intestines
8) A special energized iodine will be transformative in our office
9) LEAP food sensitivity testing adds another valuable food perspective
10) We are now using exceptional broad range natural antimicrobials
11) We are having unprecedented success in achieving complete relaxation
12) Interstitial cystitis is usually Lyme, and can respond to Thor low level laser therapy and nutrient interventions
13) Supplement quality as important as ever – contaminants and illegal ingredients are a concern with low-quality sources
14) We now offer a specific intimacy support protocol
15) New cancer support and preventive nutrients are available
16) Statin cholesterol medicine we have found is a major cause of neuropathy, which is mostly reversible
17) Quick, economical, quality infrared sauna is now available; Lyme and fibromyalgia patients particularly find this helpful – $899+ $25 shipping
18) A version of artemesin found beneficial in colon cancer before surgery; it likely would help other tumors pre-surgery including breast cancer
19) Alzheimer’s dementia from the common APOE4 mutation may be completely preventable.
20) A fasting strategy at the time of cancer chemotherapy is wise

James P. Roach, MD – “America’s Healer”