There are excellent strategies to protect and defuse viral infections. While Ebola is virulent, viral protection strategies should substantially blunt its impact.

The basics are fundamental. Eat a plant-based, organic, no-grain, whole food diet. No processed foods, sugar, or white potatoes, rare red meat, and limit fruit mainly to berries and pomegranate. Drink only water or bagged green tea. Test for, and eliminate, IgG sensitive foods. Assess for inherent nutritional deficiencies through intracellular testing, and genetic mutations (

A good nights sleep is essential. Get to bed early, and focus the last hour before bed on raising spiritual awareness. Turn off the WiFi, keep the bedroom very dark, use an Earthing sheet, magnesium, and an herbal-based sleep formula with melatonin.

Stay detoxified. Fasting is utilized by every spiritual tradition. Sweat out toxins through exercise and infrared saunas. Soak in an evening Epsom salt bath. Turmeric and milk thistle are good support for liver detoxification.

Spirituality is always vital for health. Anxiety and worry are partly a faith issue, resulting in vulnerable ‘Fight or Flight’ status. Meditate and pray every single day. We also have found a wonderful way to eliminate stress in 90%.

Stop lysine-suppressing foods when exposed or ill: citrus, chocolate, potatoes, apples, coffee, and nuts. Certainly avoid sugar, processed foods, and all grains.

Supplements I take daily offer immune support: vitamin D, zinc, coconut oil, Chaga, Multi T/D, Botanabol, lysine, B-Complex Plus, Boswellia, Homocysteine Supreme, Beyond Essential Fats, Vibrant Mind, Therbiotic Complete, vitamin C, Thyroid Support Complex, Botanical Treasures, lithium orotate, and Methyl Guard Plus.

Ones that I would add if a threat were imminent: Immucare I, Immucare II, Reishi, Elderberry, colostrum, lactoferrin, Flew Away, garlic, silver, and Corydalis Plus.

Red marine algae shows promise in addressing serious viruses including Ebola, SARS, and HIV. This is a consideration during air travel and in areas of outbreaks.

See one of our nurse practitioners to get on optimal doses of these key supplements. Optimize prospects of preventing all viral infections this winter including Ebola.

Jim Roach, MD