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When Nothing Else Works

Almost every disorder can improve with integrative approaches including children brain disorders, forgetfulness, nerve disorders, and thrombocytopenia.

Vitality – Maintain optimal energy
Let us teach you optimal nutrition, lifestyle, and supplementation that can allow you to feel motivated, energetic,and focused. Borrowing on the advice of the best national nutritionists and extensive research, we guide you down healing nutritional pathways. Having attended two of the highly respected “Nutrition and Health” conferences guided by Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona and from the insights of Donald Yance, we give you the best nutritional information available. Understanding the best ways to utilize adaptogens, attain mitochondrial support, and achieve optimal nutrient levels interplay to support peak biologic health. Understanding the role of mind and spirit in vitality is important. Read more

Cancer – Integrative approaches make a world of difference
Our physicians have received training from clinical nutritionist and top herbalist Don Yance who is having exciting success utilizing integrative approaches with cancer. Augmenting chemotherapy and radiation can minimize side effects, maintain vitality, and extend benefits. We are proud of the consistent success we are achieving in those who are committed, disciplined, and resourceful. We will provide extensive guidance on nutrition, help you find peace with your diagnosis, promote understanding of the role of the physical, work, social, and family environment. We will extensively and regularly monitor blood work to constantly update and optimize your protocol. We utilize herbs, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins based on supportive research that identifies how they work; they provide the immune system what it needs to restore balance and achieve healing.

Hormonal health – Be relaxed and confident!

Active performance – Essential nutrients for optimum performance.

Nutrition and nutrients play a vital role in optimizing organ function, dampening damaging inflammation, and controlling life-robbing stress. Learn which foods protect against cancer and cardiovasculardisease, which nutrients strength organs, detoxify your systems, support optimal hormones for healthy immunity, healing, and outlook. We provide extensive information in 50 handouts that we have put together for your benefit so you understand why and how specific foods and nutrients work for you. We also help you understand how pharmaceuticals work and educate in ways to compensate for their adverse effects.

Autoimmune Disorders
Find what interventions have produced important results for patients with multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and other autoimmune disorders. Why nutrition is critical. Food allergy testing can provide important insights. Why is hormonal balance so important? Find ways to dampen inflammation, support cells, and regain vitality.

Fibromyalgia – Never discount the hormonal role and essential nutrients that can ease your pain. Read more

Brain optimization – improve focus, retention, clear the ‘fog’
The problem can be vitamin deficiency, hormonal, or related to stress, poor sleep, or nutritional choices – Consider getting vitamin and hormonal levels checked. Improving brain levels of the neurostransmitter dopamine is beneficial as are amino acids that support brain cell branching and acetylcholine neurotransmitter levels. Avoiding harmful amino acids commonly placed in food is basic. Optimal nutrition and physical activity play a role. Stress management and sleep support are also often necessary.

Cardiovascular health – How can coronary artery disease be reversed? What you must know if you use statins – What vitamin may help take away, and keep away, statin-induced muscle aches? Key hormones are made from cholesterol and it is important to get hormonal support. Statins lower coenzyme Q10 – a nutrient associated with reduced muscle aching, improved brain function, cancer prevention, kidney protection, and blood pressure lowering. Accompanying hormone deficiency could be expected to cause a depressed or anxious mood, loss of confidence, impaired sexuality, reduced strength, and thinking difficulties.

Hypothyroid – Why it is essential to test for and treat T3!
T3 is the active form of thyroid in the body, many patients have difficulty forming appropriate levels of T3, and most physicians don’t test for free T3. Which common nutrients reduce thyroid function? What is an optimal level of T3? What is the best source of T3 and how should it be dosed? Which nutrients might improve T3 levels? Why is low thyroid function linked with excess estrogen? Why is thyroiditis so common and did it cause my thyroid condition? Is there treatment for thyroiditis? Why is impaired thyroid function common in cancer patients and in those with chronic fatigue, and what to do about it. Read more

Reflux health – get relief without continuously having to suppress acid. Why you must have some acid. Which vital nutrients require acid for absorption? What natural ways support digestion and normal stomach contractility? Which foods and drink promote reflux?

Joint health – there ARE ways to heal joints – learn how to support cartilage function, what nutrients are optimal, why is it important to reduce inflammation and how, what foods worsen joints, could food allergies be contributing?

Bone health – what things are as important as Fosamax – what nutritional support is most important in bone health, which food and drink is detrimental, which hormones affect bones

Migraines – most are readily preventable! If your headaches are hormonally induced, what is the solution? If they are not hormonally related, what interventions prevent most migraines in our clinical experience?

Intestinal health – the Chinese feel this is the key to overall health – Do you have enough acid? Do you need other stomach support? Which herbs play a supportive role? Do intestinal symptoms signal likely food allergies? What should I take during and after antibiotic therapy to preserve my intestinal bacteria? What amino acid is key in support of intestinal healing?

Blood pressure – natural ways to reduce dependence on Rx drugs – What nutritional changes are necessary? Which nutrient did the respected Medical Letter find effective for blood pressure in 8 studies? What vitamin is essential to be on if you have high blood pressure? Are there natural ‘fluid pills?

Libido – get it back –which nutrients support testosterone? Which prescription medicine impacts libido? Which hormones have an impact? Are there ways to support circulation to the genitals? What safety precautions should be considered?

Mood – Are there ways to pull quickly out of a low mood? We will suggest interventions that have had fast results in our clinical experience. Are there interventions that do not impair sexuality? What nutritional changes are important? What lifestyle changes are necessary? What does research show?

Colds – how my symptoms are usually eliminated within hours, and kept from returning – Which foods should be avoided? Does sugar play a role? Which foods and nutrients are antiviral? Which vitamins, minerals, and herbs should you consider? What are favorite things our patients do?

The liver, kidneys, & lungs – can they partly regenerate? Are there ways to strengthen chest wall and diaphragm muscles to support breathing? Which vitamin is depleted in kidney failure? What nutrients support liver and kidney function? Are there ways to keep airway muscles relaxed and inflammation dampened?

Allergies – natural answers that bolster overall health – What is the role of intestinal health? Which foods may be triggers? Are the food allergy tests that we do here the most sensitive available? What powerful bioflavonoid do we recommend? Why did allergies occur to begin with, and what can I do to prevent from getting additional ones in the future?

Injuries – heal them quickly – why is hormonal and mitochondrial support important? What supports brain healing? What specific nutritional support have we found effective?

Skin Health – what ways do we address acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema? What blood levels may you want to check? What simple mineral blocks formation of testosterone inducing acne? Which vitamin plays a role in psoriasis? How might food allergies relate to eczema, and what nutrient, topically and orally, do we recommend?

Hormonal health -be relaxed and confident!
Whether problems with approaching menopause, managing menopause, or handling premenstrual symptoms, menstrual cramps, or heavy bleeding, we will educate you on nutritional, hormonal, herbal, and mineral approaches. For males, we address declining hormonal levels due to age or stress with interventions that restore vitality and normalize hormonal values. We have specific handouts that spell out recommended treatments, explain the intricate interplay of hormones, and educate on ways to utilize hormonal support. We stress health prevention with specific information on breast health and prostate health. We only utilize natural bioidentical hormones, and provide a checklist to help assure that important patient support interventions are being maintained.

Sports performance – essential nutrients for optimum performance – there are many nutrients that support physical performance. Which ones are most effective? Which ones present unwarranted risk? What is the safest way to use them? We provide specific sports performance recommendations for both endurance and strength training. We have products available that are of the highest quality, provide the best balance and protection, formulated by top herbalist and nutritionist Don Yance. We monitor blood tests to assure that you are achieving appropriate support while not incurring undue risk. Healing of joints, tendons, liganments, muscles, and bones can be accelerated with these supports.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – There is promising research in the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

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