About Integrative Medicine - The Midway Center


We address your T3 and thyroiditis. We will tell you why it is essential to test your T3 level at each visit, and how to optimize both T4 and T3. Feel your best by bringing all thyroid levels into balance. Learn factors that interfere with conversion of T4 to active T3. Learn what foods, medicines, hormone, and nutrients interfere with thyroid function.

Heart & Cardiovascular Health

Extensive blood assessment

  • We test blood for as many as19 different risk factors

Blood pressure

  • Learn non-pharmacologic support


  • Learn optimal non-pharmacologic approaches
  • Learn serious side effects of Rx approaches
  • Learn ways to reverse side effects of Rx medicine

Coronary disease

  • Learn how coronary disease has been reversed
  • Learn important interventions to prevent sudden death
  • Learn which nutrient, when deficient, doubled heart attack & stroke risk

Caroid disease

  • Learn of preliminary research on reversal

Women’s Health

Hormonal imbalance is a root factor in almost all chronic disorders, and usually can be readily addressed. Women notice that nearly all symptoms they experience are worse in the days prior to menses. These include anxiety, panic, obsessions, phobias, sleep disturbance, irritability, carbohydrate craving, swelling, depressed mood, brain fog, breast soreness, migraines, acne, aches and pains and when present, followed by heavier menses and cramping. This is most characteristic of the decade before menopause, adolescence, or times of increased stress. We have had very good results addressing these symptoms, and have very specific, unique advice on cancer prevention. These symptoms indicate a higher risk of hormone-related cancer, fibrocystic breasts, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, and endometriosis; we do give treatment advice for these conditions.  Infertility is an issue when hormones are imbalanced.

We have extensive recommendations to support fertility and to help optimize pregnancy outcomes. There is a wealth of data that is essential to know six months before anticipated pregnancy. With the epidemic of children brain disorders such as autism, pregnant women need the most up-to-date information on how to improve odds of optimal pregnancy outcome. We know of no other office that has comparable specific pregnancy research-based recommendations. We strongly advocate extensive testing both when planning a pregnancy and after achieving it.

Our hormonal approaches are almost exclusively botanical as we find this safer, more nutritive, balanced and natural; there are herbs that support estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, growth hormone, and thyroid hormone.  When necessary, we use bio-identical estrogen in combination with botanical support for other hormones.  Those seeking bio-identical hormones other than estrogen should find another office.