About Integrative Medicine - The Midway Center

For Patients

Welcome to the Midway Center! We specialize in comprehensive assessment and comprehensive solutions. Patients with the best outcomes are those that:

  1. Listen closely and largely adopt our nutritional and lifestyle recommendations
  2. Receive the most comprehensive testing
  3. Understand and diligently use recommended supplements

You may set up an appointment by calling 859-846-4445 between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 4 P.M. Monday through Friday.

You may print off our patient forms to complete and bring with you here.

For those seeing Dr. Roach, food sensitivity testing is strongly encouraged at your initial visit. Identifying foods that do not serve your optimal health is of utmost importance and these foods need to be identified early in order to best evaluate your progress and response to other components of your health care plan (nutrient support, lifestyle modifications, etc.).

Food sensitivity testing is not covered by insurance, and out of pocket costs can range fromĀ  $259-389 for up to 190 different foods.

We give every patient our focused attention which can lead to lengthy waiting times prior to your visit. Please come prepared to spend up to half a day with us from check in to check out. Feel free to bring a snack, something to read, or whatever you need to be comfortable. Filtered water and healing teas are available in a comfortable waiting room with a large window, as well as a broad range of inspiring and educational reading materials.