About Integrative Medicine - The Midway Center

Doctor FAQ

Do we work in tandem with other doctors? Our office makes referrals and regularly works with other physicians. We strive to focus on where we can best help our patient, and integrate our approach with the approach of other physician providers. We readily share information and please feel free to call if there are questions.

Do we accept referrals? We can provide general nutritional information for your patient though we do not plan out daily meals. We take on challenging patients who show an active interest in nutrition, achieving balance, supplementing their medicine regimen, and taking responsibility for their health. We are not interested in routine primary care but rather patients who can best benefit from our experience with challenging medical problems such as cancer and fibromyalgia. Because nutritional support is a key aspect of what we do, patients who cannot financially manage our supplement recommendations will have limited response to our treatment and be disappointed in our care.

What is your relationship with oncologists? As part of our integrative cancer approach, we support use of chemotherapy in our cancer patients. We provide nutrition advice, spiritual support, and utilize supplementation that, in our research and experience, reduces side effects while usually improving and prolonging the effectiveness of chemotherapy. We are constantly working to upgrade our knowledge in this area.

Do we regularly write for prescription drugs? While we are board certified, our area of interest is focusing on non‐pharmacologic approaches with our patients. Generally, use of prescriptions is reserved for situations that cannot be managed otherwise.