Beginning Sunday July 27th, Dr. Roach will lead a series of Sunday School Classes that explore near-death experiences and spiritual experiences as a gateway to understanding heaven and the afterlife. It will be held at the Midway Christian Church, Midway, KY community building from 9:30-10:30am. All are welcome.

The first class will review thirty with near-death experiences Dr. Roach has encountered. He will explain how Einstein’s quantum field theory applies to these experiences, and how common out-of-body experiences are reinforcing.

One of the most spiritual individuals Dr. Roach has ever met, who gives the most vivid description of heaven during her near-death experience, will be presenting. She will describe the initial childhood event that led to her spiritual connection and spiritual encounters that occur almost weekly. She has had the broadest range of spiritual experience of anyone Dr. Roach has encountered.

A future class will be with an individual whose spirituality evolved through two near-death experiences. His second encounter is especially illuminating. His life has totally transformed, and he will describe his metamorphosis.

Dr. Roach will draw from over 100 stories that include premonitions, intuitions, voices that averted tragedy, visions and other spiritual experiences. Stories of healing from terminal illness by two health practitioners Dr. Roach has encountered in the past four months will be shared. How these experiences impact our spiritual understanding, our attitude, our focus, and forgiveness will be explored.


Gatherings of Those With Near-Death Experiences & the Spiritually Gifted

We are seeking those who have had near-death or high impact spiritual experiences for a gathering to share, and reflect on how these can be utilized toward the greater good. Tentatively we are targeting the third week of August for the initial gathering. Click on ‘Contact Us’ and e-mail us or call 859-846-4445 Ext. 1 if you are interested. The group will be lead by a gifted and experienced counselor. If others spiritually gifted would like to meet, please contact us as well. These will be special occasions!