Two years ago, he discovered that he had severe type 2 diabetes, with a hemoglobin A1c of 13.4 – a dangerous level. With aggressive nutritional and supplement intervention, his hemoglobin A1c is now 5.5, which is slightly better than most of us (diabetes is 6.5 or higher, prediabetes 5.7-6.4). He proves what we have heard for some time – that type 2 diabetes is usually completely reversible when strong diligence is applied. Very many nutrients help in this scenario; two of our favorites are CV ResQ and IG Sensitizer.

If you have had a near-death experience that was a spiritual experience, we encourage you to contact us (especially patients we have already seen in this category). Let us know if you would like to meet others with this experience. We have had 23 patients to date who have had these.  Fill out the ‘Contact Us’ on website or call the office at 859-846-4445 Ext. 1.  This should be special!

Our Extraordinary Practice Conference in May was a success, and we are repeating this on Friday and Saturday, November 21st-22nd, 2014. This is oriented toward all practitioners, including MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs, DCs, NDs, RNs, L.ACs, nutritionists, life coaches, and other practitioners. The focus will be on learning comprehensive integrative (functional) assessment, nutrition and digestive health, comprehensive intervention including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nutrients, botanicals, and bioidentical hormones. Specific protocols will be provided for nearly all common disorders. Increasing profitability will be a strong emphasis. Optimal low-level laser therapy will be introduced. A discussion of near-death experiences by patients and their significance will be discussed. I will be speaking for 15 hours over two days, and naturopathic nutritional and digestive expert Lisa Carson (the best in the state in my experience) will also be presenting. We received very positive feedback from the first event, and it is our intention to make this available to all practitioners that would like to come. Check out our website at and sign up! But hurry – the first early bird discount of 30% ends on July 31st!

Jim Roach, MD, ABIFM, ABFM