About Integrative Medicine - The Midway Center


Integrative approaches augment oncologic care

Cancer care that utilizes

  • Optimal nutrition
  • Mind-body-spirit
  • Advanced blood monitoring
  • Extensive nutritional support
  • Opportunity to assess for optimal chemotherapy
  • Input from national integrative experts

Opportunities for

  • Better quality of life – sometimes better than before tumor onset
  • Fewer chemotherapy side effects
  • Better chemotherapy outcomes
  • Consultation with perhaps the best integrative oncologist in the country
  • Improved odds of positive outcome

Some of our successful outcomes

  • Reversal of wasting in a breast cancer patient who had dropped to 80 pounds
  • With interleukin therapy, resolution of melanoma involving the spine & lungs
  • Short-term PSA reversals in prostate cancer; slowing of PSA progression; six months added to a terminal patient’s life expectancy
  • CEA reversal in colon cancer; long-term stabilization in colon cancer
  • Extended remission in non-small cell lung cancer
  • Six month extension of life in an end-stage Hodgkins lymphoma
  • Extended remissions in triple negative breast cancer
  • extension of quality longevity in pancreatic cancer
  • slowing of progression in renal cancer
  • major reduction in heart attack, stroke and thrombophlebitis complications
  • prevention of recurrence in head-throat-neck cancer; reduction in side effects
  • prevention of recurrence in breast cancers

Our physicians have received training from clinical nutritionist and top herbalist Don Yance who is having exciting success utilizing integrative approaches with cancer. Augmenting chemotherapy and radiation can minimize side effects, maintain vitality, and extend benefits. We are proud of the success we are achieving in those who are committed, disciplined, and resourceful. We will provide extensive guidance on nutrition, help you find peace with your diagnosis, promote understanding of the role of the physical, work, social, and family environment.

We will extensively and regularly monitor blood work to constantly update and optimize your protocol. We utilize herbs, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins based on supportive research that identifies how they work; they provide the immune system what it needs to support balance and healing.